Hi! I’m Karolina.


I help digital entrepreneurs create unique brands fully aligned with them and represent them through design.


I’m the brand strategist & designer behind Kassi Creatives. I help digital entrepreneurs like you create unique brands aligned with them and represent them through design. 

I know how hard it is to define your brand in a way that is both unique and that feels like you. And I know how frustrating it is to have created a business that doesn’t light you up simply because you’re not able to fully define who you are. Because you’re so many things at the same time and it’s confusing.   

That’s what I help you achieve at Kassi Creatives. My services are all tailored to one specific goal: CREATE A BRAND THAT FEELS LIKE YOU. So, yes, I’m a designer but I’m not JUST a designer. I’m also a brand strategist, who’s passionate about design, photography and psychology. And I managed to create a business that reunites all those things together to help you create your own brand in a unique way. 

All of my services focus on helping you create a unique brand from different aspects. My coaching service helps you define what your brand is and take the next steps to create it. My design service takes the vision of your brand and turns it into an image that you can showcase on your social media and your website. My photography course helps you not only become confident on the camera so that you can fully express yourself, but also take better photos to complement your brand image online and get more attention on Instagram (this is still in the works, so if you’re interested you can sign up for the waiting list!). 

Why? Because I’m passionate about all of those things. So, why not?!


I’ve always been a traveler. When I was 7 years old, I used to dream about traveling around the planet and documenting it on my own TV program. I didn’t get to have my own TV program, but I did manage to visit 28 countries before my 27th birthday.

My first attempt at an online business was my travel blog in Spanish, called “La Polaca por el Mundo”  It started a simple desire to tell my travel stories, to create a sort of an online diary from my travels so that the memories don’t get lost over the years. Over time, it ended up being a door for me to start freelancing as a designer.

I’ve been designing my own graphics for my blog. I designed my own website, my own logo and learned the ins and outs of design. I’ve always had an eye for the aesthetics and although I’m a minimalist, I like to surround myself with pretty, sophisticated things. 

I decided to pursue the design path, creating blogs and graphics for my blogger friends and collegues from the blogging world. That’s how I started freelancing as a graphic and web designer. That was in 2015.

At that time, I was living in Paris and travelling as much as I could afford to.

In 2016, I moved to London to start a new job, with the intention to save money aside and travel around the world.

When I look back at my life from the point where I am now, I’m always amazed at how things have turned out. About two years ago I was working in a soul sucking call center job in London, hating every second of it and dreaming about getting the hell out of there, far away from the rain and feeling like a robot, repeating the same script over the phone over and over again. 

I still don’t really know how the hell did I have the balls to stroll into my boss’s office one day, tell her that I resign, pack my summer clothes into one backpack, laptop under my arm and get on that one way plane to my dream destination: the Dominican Republic. 

I’ve always known that day would come, I just didn’t know when and never had the courage to take the leap. Until I’ve had enough. I’ve always known that my place was somewhere in Latin America, I’ve spent almost 20 years of my life dreaming about living there one day. 

That was in June 2017.  

In July 2017, my dream became reality. I decided to start my own business as a brand & web designer and soon after, I left my job in London and took a plane to the Dominican Republic to become a digital nomad. I traveled around the island for 3 months, I survived a hurricane in Cuba and volunteered on the beach in Mexico, before deciding to come back to the Dominican Republic.

Since then, I’ve been dedicating myself to this business and improving my vision every day.

why kassi creatives?

Kassi is an abbreviation of my first and last names. To be honest, I didn’t even come up with this name. A friend of mine did, when we had a conversation about starting our own businesses (she’s now a newborn photographer and doing great!). I love the name because it’s both a business name that allows me to expand my creative services as well as a personal name since it includes my last name (Assi) and the first letter of my name (Karolina).

fun facts about me

Let’s get real: not everything in life is about work. We need to have fun too!

So, when I’m not designing or working on my business, I usually spend time with my lovely boyfriend, binge-watch series on Netflix or go on adventures (such as a trip around the European capitals, camping on a beach or going on a road trip to the pink lake in the Dominican Republic). 

So, here are some (fun?) facts about me:

🇵🇱 I was born in Poland and lived in 6 countries so far (Poland, Lebanon, Spain, France, England and the Dominican Republic)

✈️ I traveled to 28 countries so far and counting (you can follow my travel adventures on my travel IG account: @travelbymisspoland).

📸 I love travel and street photography and can spend hours editing my photos and getting excited about them

🎞 I love international cinema, mainly Latin and Spanish movies.

ش I speak 4 languages fluently and want to learn Arabic next.

💡I’m extremely organised (I might be a bit OCD) and it drives my boyfriend crazy sometimes.

☕️ I’m an incurable coffee lover 

🍻 …and beer lover too!

☺️ I’m an INTJ

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