If you’re a digital entrepreneur and you run your business on social media, you know how hard it is to stand out.

Especially on a platform that has 1 billion users and is constantly growing. I’m an Instagram geek: I know everything about it, I spend a lot of time on it, I run my business through IG. And I know – and you know too – that an ordinary feed will not cut it anymore. You need to be extraordinary, you need to stand out visually because Instagram is a 100% visual platform.

Original photos, engaging videos, pretty and consistent feed, eye catching graphics – all of that is a MUST if you want to get more eyeballs on your account and attract your ideal customer’s attention

I enjoy Instagram a lot. And it took me a lot of time and a lot of effort to create two, beautifully curated and consistent, feeds: one for my travels and one for my designs. I know how it feels, I know what you’re struggling with: 

❌ You don’t know how to take beautiful pictures that will catch people’s attention (like the ones your favourite Instagrammers post every day) 

❌ You have no idea about photo edition

❌ You don’t feel comfortable on camera, much less taking photos of yourself

❌ You don’t know how to create a consistent feed, somehow yours always looks messy and you don’t know how to fix it 

❌  Even if you had all this, you don’t even know how to grow your account and convert it into a steady flow of clients!

This is exactly why I’m going to help you. I’ve been struggling a lot to create my feed and get over the fear of camera. 


My Instagram Makeover package was created especially for you, to help you get over the frustration of trying to create a feed that will attract more followers. I’ll teach you everything from how to take better photos, the techniques to grow your account and convert your followers into clients and even how to loose fear of the camera. You’ll also get custom designed graphics to use on your feed, an Adobe Lightroom (or Luminar 3) tutorial with presets especially created for you to edit your photos easily, even if you have no idea how to use any photo edition software!

Here’s what it includes:


  • 30 min FREE overview session before you sign up to talk about your needs
  • Support via e-mail & chat (of your choice)
  • Ideal Client Workbook to fill out
  • Color palette inspiration board (to help you be consistent with the looks)
  • Two 60-min photography sessions via Zoom to help you improve your photos
  • One 45-min training to help you loose fear of the camera
  • A mini-course teaching you the no bullsh*t techniques to use to grow your account  
  • 3 graphic templates
  • 5 hashtag sets specific to your business to use with every post 
  • Template for your story highlights
  • Strategic bio
  • Quick Adobe Lightroom tutorial to teach you how to edit your photos on your own
  • Feed planning for the next 30 days with Plann or Planoly apps 

the instagram make over process in 7 steps


If you’re ready to take action and transform your Instagram account, click on the button above and fill in the application form. If I think we’re a good fit to work together, I’ll send you a link to my calendar to book your  free 30 mins session in which we can talk about what you want to accomplish with your account and how I can help you.

fill in the ideal client workbook

Before we can start working on improving the look of your account, I need to know who is your ideal client that you’re trying to attract. After you make the payment and sign up for this offer, I’ll send you my special Ideal Client Workbook to fill in and send back to me. 

Setting the vibe of your feed

Now, we can start working on setting the vibe for your feed. I’ll go through it, let you know what needs to be changed and how to improve it. We’ll agree on the general vibe and colours of the account and I’ll design a moodboard and a colour palette for you to be your guide whenever you post new photos.


One of the most important parts of running a successful Instagram account is your bio – how you present yourself to your visitors – and the hashtags you use (which help the right people to find you). We’ll work on those together. I’ll help you write an attractive bio that will make it clear to your followers who you are and what you do and I’ll help you create 5 strategic hashtag sets to use with every post. 


It’s time to really dive deep into what’s not working on your feed. If you’re not a professional photographer and you’re having trouble to take quality, Instagram worthy photos – I’ll teach you how you can improve it. I’ll show you how to take quality photos of your products, of yourself, at home or outside. I’ll also teach you how to use Adobe Lightroom to edit your photos with special custom made presets that I’ll design just for your photos. Cool, isn’t it?



If what you post are mainly graphics, or if you want to complement your photos with some cute quotes or sales posts, I’ll design a couple of templates for you that you can use on your feed. The templates are made in Canva and are easily customizable (I’ll show you how). This way you’ll never have to worry about having an ugly looking graphic on your feed!

Feed planning for 30 days with automated posting

Once we have everything ready and you have prepared your photos & graphics,  we’ll plan your feed for the next 30 days. We’ll use the Planoly app which is the only app that allows you to schedule your posts automatically. We’ll plan the look of your feed, what photos to post, what captions to write, which hashtags to add to the specific photo and plan the best times to post according the WhenToPost app. You’ll have everything ready to go

transform your ig into a money making tool!